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- skater with atitude!
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>. click here for his profile. .

Back form the DEAD!
Malo - click for profile!
Malo - one of the pioneers in Macedonian skateboarding, after a longer break because of knee injury, is back on his skateboard. Time spent on the bench have not influenced his skating. His back just where he left his tricks. Check out his profile>>>

NEw images of Ana!

Click the image to see more phothos of Ana.

Video clips...

New video clips of Joci.. here...

Zoro from Vlae- New skater on

Vlae keep producing high quality skaters...

Images and Clips od Zoro in his PROFILE>>>

360 flip


New image of Joci!
+ New trick: Nollie Kickflip.

New imaghe of Jochi

Check out the gallery - click the flyer above!

NEw from Ohrid!
New video clip of Nuredin and new video clips of Arce.

New images of Pero!

Photos form Ohrid!
NEw photos of Arce taken from the videoclips of the upcoming video SKIROL 2. Take alook at them here...
See ya , Ohrid Sk8 Crew. 

h Nollie...
Click here... Apologies for the longer absence.
By Joci. 

Last Saturday we filmed some new video clips. Two clips of Nuredin, 360 flip by Riat, school boy bs & fs 180 ollie by Sefedin and the first two video clips of the one & only female skater in Macedonia Ana.
, XMKD Sk8 team. 

18.05.2004 GAME OF SKATE - Belgrade 23 May 2004!
, XMKD Sk8 team. 

04.05.2004 NEw skater added!
Today we added a new skater to our databaze - Sefedin - Riat's brother. Check out his profile together with the video clips and pictures. + new video clip of Pero - k-grind & slide.
'Till next time, XMKD Sk8 team. 

23.04.2004 NEw images and videoclips!!
New images of Riat and Stefan. And New videoclips of Riat. 01, 02, 03, 04. and of Joci: 01, 02.

16.04.2004 - Female skater in Macedonia.!

The first female skater in Macedonia - Ana. + New image of Joci-Vlae.


06.03.2004 - Video Clips!

New video clip of Arce. BS kickflip.

Pozdrav, .

01.04.2004 - Brand new skatespot in Skopje!

New skatespot in Skopje. It has marble benches, stairs (2 and 4). Check out the images here.

18.03.2004 - Video clips!

Two new video clips of Nuredin (nollie, fs 180) and one of Arce (ollie 8 ).


12.03.2004 - New skater in Skopje!

Riat Aziri


11.03.2004 -Tricks!


FS Boardslide. Click here...

Pozdrav, Joci.

19.02.2004 Tony Hawk Underground!

Tony Hawks Underground(PS2,XBOX,GAME CUBE,GB Advance)

Tony Hawks Underground is the best game from the Tony Hawk series. Underground has many improvments than the other series. The game is made with a story and the goal is from a normal local skater ( which you get to create it ) to become one of the greatest skateboarders in the world, to get sponsorship by a skate shop, by a skate shoe company( Adio, Reef...) and by a skateboard company ( Zero, Flip, Birdhouse...) and to record a video with 5 of the famous skaters ( which skater you chose ). In this game not only you can skate you can also pickup your board and continue onfoot or drive a car etc. The levels are well made ( similiar to Tony Hawks Pro Skate 4 ), in Free Skate or High Score Run you have a choise of 15 famous skaters. The game is great and I recomend it to everybody. For more information you can see the official homepage of Tony Hawks Underground . You can see some pics below.

Sent by Haker!

09.02.2004 - New Video!

New FLYSKATEBOARDS Video coming soon...

From Rodi.

21.01.2004 - NEw images and video clips form Ohrid!

Two new images of Ardijan + new images in the gallery.

19.01.2004 - NEw images and video clips form Ohrid!

New images and video clips of Ardijan (4 stair kick flip) Nuredin.

17.01.2004 - New image & video clip!

New image of Nuredin - Ohrid!

06.01.2004 - New skaters from Ohrid!

Two new skaters from Ohrid: Ardijan & Nuredin. Only video clips for now!

19.12.2003 - New images of Blazo
New images of Blazo, photographed in London by the professional photographer DAN BOZINOVSKI. Click here!

15.12.2003 - Pero on
Check out Petar Mladenovich at the extreme sports site fs tailslide in MKD (feature Pic).

02.12.2003 Images
New images of Blazo.

21.11.2003 Images
New images of Stefan & Fico.

18.11.2003 General update of the video clips on our site!
Take a peak in the upcoming skateboard video S.K.I.R.O.L.2 from the clips of Blazo, Fico, Mate, Ivo, Marko, Ludo, MarkoI, Pero, Vasile, Stefan & Viktor. The clips are in Windows Media format: .wma files. + The S.K.i.R.O.L.2 Preview now with a better quality picture traded off for a biger file size - 10mb.

13.11.2003 It's not just better it's online - IN-LINE SKATE in Macedonia, a divison of + New trick in the skateboard tricks section: B/S Tailslide.

11.11.2003 K-Grind.

02.11.2003 360 Shoveit - check it out in the Tricks section. + New voting pool question: Have you ever skated in Macedonia.

26.10.2003 Three new desktop backgrounds - check 'em out in the free stuff section.

19.10.2003 For weather details and forecast all around Macedonia check out our Weather page.

17.10.2003 By skater's and inlineskater's initiative the old funbox in Skopje's skatepark is in reconstruction. The wood surface is replaced with metal and the grind ledge goes to the full lenght of the funbox.

15.10.2003 Due to a transfer of the domain name to a new registrar you may experience dificulties in opening the website. Try or if you can't reach us through

10.10.2003 A brand new skatepark in Kocani brings us the first halfpipe in Macedonia.

21.09.2003 New images of the trip to Belgrade. + some new tricks in the Tricks section.

14.09.2003 New images of Vasile and Pero.

10.09.2003 Two new skatespots in the skatespots section: Porta Vlae & Alumina.

04.09.2003 Fresh images of Miki & Pero. + To download the S.K.I.R.O.L.2 Trailer click here.

17.08.2003 A group of skaters from Macedonia are going to Belgrade on a demo and presentation of the new DC video. Afterwards few of them are also going to visit the "Pannonian Challenge" contest in Osjek, Croatia.

17.07.2003 New images of Ludo and new images in the Gallery.

25.07.2003 The unknown guy in the PendrekMag 3Pendrek Contest review is Pero check him out in the profiles section.
+ Two new images of Ludo.

24.07.2003 Tricks: Nose Grind.

17.06.2003 New image of Pero doing a kickflip, and a couple of new images in the gallery.

11.07.2003 New funbox in the skatepark!
Funbox with stairs. It is cofinanced by The First Children's Embassy Medjasi, skateshop 091, skateshop Unity and Acid Wear. The new obstacle will be presented on 13 of July, Sunday - 10:00h. The presentation will take place near the Goce Delcev monument.

05.07.2003 Two new images of Pero.

04.07.2003 Pero finished among top20 in the 3Pendrek contest. + A contest in Varna, Bulgaria on 15th of August 2003. More details coming soon.

27.06.2003 Blazo and Pero will participate in the Pendrek3 contest in Slovenia.

24.06.2003 We have a new skater in the profiles section: Vasile, check him out. Plus new photos of Mate and Viktor.

21.06.2003 Skateboarding in Macedonia in a local TV show
Wednesday 25.06.2003 21:00h on the local TV station "Telma" in a show called Twisted City.

16.06.2003 Pendrek Contest No. 3
Pendrek Contest Date: 27, 28, 29 June. Place: Koper, Slovenija. 3 days free camping place around the skatepark. More info about contest rules at For enlarged image of the poster click on it.


13.06.2002 Blazo: BS Kickflip & BS Tailslide. Stefan: Kickflip.

02.06.2003 New skatespots in the skatespots section. Veles got it all. Check them out in the skatespots section. Two new images of Blazo.

30.05.2003 Rodi: kickflip, Blazo: 360 kickflip.

29.05.2003 Tree new video clips of Pero: FS Smith Grind, FS 180 Ollie and Kick Flip. One new video clip of Mate: BS Ollie.

25.05.2003 Two new video clips. Stefan: FS 50-50 Grind Kickflip Out and Miki: BS K-Grind.

19.05.2003 Two new images of Pero, BS & FS 5-0 Grinding.

06.05.2003 Vote for Bam Margera and the Jack Ass Crew
Bam Margera and the Jackass crew have been nominated for, Best On-Screen Team for the MTV Movie Awards that will take place on June 5. To cast your vote click here.

01.05.2003 The Macedonian pop singer Karolina Goceva filmed a video spot for her new song in the Skopje's public skatepark. Some of the local skaters and inline skaters showed up. The video spot will be out around 10.05.2003.

25.04.2003 One new image of Miki and Viktor and two new images of Fico. Plus one image in the gallery.

21.04.2003 Props for the gurlz!
Push Skateboarding MagazineThe presence of the females on the skateboarding scene is growing bigger. The top skateboard companies have girl skaters in their team and the boys are complaining how the girls get pro more easily. Female only contests are being organized, female skateboard companies and magazines emerge. More at the following links: All Girl Skate Jam, PushSkateMag, Ride Like A Girl, Cherry Skateboards, Check It out Girls Magazine, XGirlSport, Action Girl.

17.04.2003 was choosen for site of the month (april 2003) by Pureskatebarding.

02.04.2003 A new grind box was constructed by MarkoI and Ace and it was placed in the Skopje's skatepark. Dimensions: Height 40cm, Width 50cm, Length 2m. It was financed by the local skaters and inline skaters.

22.03.2003 A skatepark in Veles was built a month ago. It is located near the city football stadium next to river Vardar in the playground complex. The skating surace is concrete with elements built form some kind of metal. The city center offers great skatespots with plenty of stairs, ledges, marble surface, etc. You will soon be able to view this city's skatespots in the Skate Spots section.

14.03.2003 Ivo = Front Side 180 Kick Flip.



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